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Boost your site with Fast, Cost Effective SEO

Our “SEO Booster Service” for only £49+vat / month

( min 3 months subscriptions)

What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results.

We are offering a service called SEO Booster with a 3 steps strategy and has been proven to get good results. Local SEO Booster was launched with the goal of making SEO & digital marketing accessible to everyone no matter what their budget. We have achieved this goal through a long term focus on an innovation driven business.

We've developed a range of products at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with digital marketing, whilst at the same time maintaining quality and power. The core of our quarterly service is SEO with the options to add social media and reputational services. All products are completely unique and designed to give your site the best possible chance of success.


  • Bespoke SEO Analysis
  • Strict white hat policy
  • Link Exposure system
  • Search engine Submission
  • Negative SEO alert system


  • Guaranteed positive Reviews
  • Ask for review without fear
  • Monitor your progress
  • Get positive Star ratings


  • Unique Like to follow system
  • Gains likes followers
  • Look established in weeks
  • Improve your social signals


  • Managed on-site changes
  • Sub URLs
  • High PR rapid backlinks
  • Search term placement

3 Step SEO Strategy

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a way of moving your site above other sites on the natural, non paid listings across the search engines. We’ve developed a sustainable service at a fraction of the cost normally associated with high quality SEO that enables any business, no matter how big or small, to feel the benefit.

3 Step SEO Strategy
Business Directory

Step 1. The On-Site Assessment

We make sure your site is relevant to your search terms and search friendly

Using a unique piece of software called the SEO analyser, we’re able to re-enact what a search engine does when it crawls your site. The full results and what needs to be done will be included within your first report. Any changes that we recommend will take either you, or your web designer, no longer than an hour to complete. Don’t worry, if you get stuck we can carry out these changes for you. You’re also given direct access to the SEO analyser tool 24/7 within your control panel

Step 2. Search Engine and Directory Submission

We make sure your website is crawled over and indexed

We submit your site to every search engine in the world. Search engine submission is a process of letting the search engines know that your website needs to be crawled over and indexed. We will also submit your site to a list of carefully selected directories. This will help lift the overall profile of your website and at the same time create some direct relevant traffic. We repeat this process every 3 months in order to refresh your content.

Step 3. Link Exposure

We build and then maintain a portfolio of natural, relevant inbound links

At no additional cost you can opt in to link exposure during sign up. Link exposure, previously known as link building, is generally considered the most important on-going part of an SEO campaign. Your ranking across all the major search engines is based on the number of other websites that link back to your site. These are called backlinks, and the more backlinks your site has, the higher it will be ranked. Unlike link building, link exposure is 100% white hat because our partner webmasters will only place a back link if they feel a site has relevance, and crucially they’re not obligated to place any link. This combined with the frequency that we aim for, which is between 300 and 500 back links every 3 months, means you have no chance of being penalised by any search engine. We’re so committed to your SEO being white hat that we even include, at no added cost, our unique negative SEO alert system which guards against anyone running a negative SEO campaign against your site.

£49+vat per month

(minimum 3 months)

Optional products

Our quarterly product, which includes SEO, Connect, Social and Reputation is powerful in its own right. However, we've developed a few options that can give your campaign a real boost. Some carry a small additional cost and some are free.

We are currently offering 4 options

  • Managed on-site changes
  • Sub URL’s
  • High PR rapid backlinks
  • Search term placement

Managed On site changes

Take the weight off and let us do the work. We've already helped 2,004 clients make their recommended on-site changes and we'd be delighted to help you with yours.

What are the managed on-site changes?

Contained within your initial report will be a list of things that we recommend you change to your website. These are purely text based and should take either yourself, or your web developer, no more than an hour to complete. However, if you would prefer us to carry out this work, we would be delighted to do so

Why are these changes important?

Your ranking across the search engines is based on your on-site and off-site relevance. Your off-site relevance is created with link exposure and social signals, which are included within the quarterly service. Your on-site relevance is based on various text based factors, which are critical to making sure the search engines appreciate your relevance against your chosen search terms.

What you get

We will do all of the recommended changes contained within your inital report.

What we need from you

We just require the information you use to access your website to make changes. Some people use straight forward FTP and others use a site builder system with a log in address and username / password. Don't worry, it's totally secure! When you order it via your control panel you are on 128-bit SSL web space

How long does it take?

Once ordered, your changes will be completed within 3-5 days.

One off charges £49+vat

Sub URL’s

We are currently working on sub URLs for our clients. Is it time to give your important sub pages the attention they deserve?

What is a sub URL?

The most important part of your SEO campaign is the main or overall domain. However, we understand that some clients like the option of adding important sub URLs to their campaign. A sub URL is simply any page on your website other than your home page. For example, if we signed up, then we may also decide to add as a sub URL. We may also want to add as well.

Why are sub URLs important?

Sub URLs are important if you have a site with a depth of content. Maybe you have a particular product or service page on your site that you want to give emphasis to.

What you get

Each sub URL you add is basically a mini SEO campaign, so you get a full on-site report and link exposure campaign. It's amazing value!

What we need from you?

All we need is the sub URL and up to 10 search terms.

How long does it take?

Once ordered, your sub URL(s) will go live within 72 hours, at which point a report will be available.

FREE for 3 months. Then £14.95+VAT

Quarterly. No obligation to continue after free period

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High Ranking Backlink Exposure

We are currently maintain in high ranking rapid backlinks for our clients. Is it time you gave one of your campaigns an off-site relevance boost?

What you get

We have identified certain link partners who have a Google PR range that perfectly complements our core link exposure product which, for a small additional fee, we are able to set up and monitor a mini link exposure campaign that guarantees to gain you a certain number of links. It's 100% white hat because each backlink will have a Google page rank that sits ideally with our core link exposure product and will only be placed if the link partner feels it’s of benefit / relevant to their users.

How does high ranking rapid exposure work?

Your ranking across all the major search engines is based on the number of other websites that link back to your site. The quantity of back links you have, in conjunction with a high on-site relevance, determine your ranking. Although our core link exposure campaign is extremely powerful in its own right, we understand that some customers want to expedite the process.

What we need from you

If you have not yet entered copy / description text alongside your search terms within your control panel, then we would request you to do this before we go live with your rapid back link exposure campaign. If you have already entered this then we do not require anything further.

How long does it take?

Once ordered, your rapid backlinks will go live within 3-5 days, at which point you will receive an e-mail letting you know that they are available to view within your control panel

From £2 +VAT per link

Quarterly. Maximum of 50 per order. No contract

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Search term placement

We currently maintain huge search terms that have delivered hundreds of thousands clicks for our clients. If your search terms are available, we strongly advise you to give this product ago. Its amazing value and we're seeing great results.

What is search term placement?

If available, we can guarantee search term(s) top 10 placement across our network of over 225 search engines. We have established over 225 smaller search engines on our network that produce a good flow of traffic in their own right. Although these search engines don’t include Google, Yahoo or Bing, when combined they will produce an excellent flow of relevant traffic to your site. We also use well established PPC networks such as and to make sure that we drive a decent amount of traffic to your site.

How does keyword placement help?

It will deliver you instant direct, traffic for a set fee. You pay the same quarterly fee no matter how much traffic we deliver. This will also increase your backlink exposure, which is great from an SEO perspective.

What we need from you

Just the search term(s) that you would like to use.

How long does it take?

Once ordered, your search term placement will go live within 72 hours. At this point you will start to receive traffic and will be able to view the number of clicks from within your control panel

From £59 +VAT per search term

Quarterly. Maximum of 5 per order. No contract

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